Empowering You to Take Back Control of Your Money!

Providing a real solution for you, the consumer, to learn about the cryptocurrency grassroots movement that is parallel to the financial freedom and safety you seek. It begins with education and awareness being the very best investment you can make in yourself.

Dive into our very affordable University courses in multiple languages and learn about the powerful game played by those controlling your money. Know what to do with your time and money to build the safety net to create and preserve your wealth.

Start using "your money" for free cash-back rewards for shopping at merchants, and free ads for trading products and services with other consumers in cryptocurrency.

We are empowering the people to take back control of their money with the biggest disruptive technology in modern history. Become part of an unstoppable trend that won't be trampled on by any government or bank. It's about your freedom and claiming it back.

What is Nexxus all about?

Nexxus University has been providing many educational courses on cryptocurrency since early 2016. The courses are delivered on a professional learning management system (LMS) with multiple multimedia lessons per course, lesson quizzes, exams and professional certificates. The courses include; “Cryptocurrency Enlightenment”, “The History of Money”, “The Bitcoin Solution” and “Understanding Cryptocurrency”. Hard-core enthusiasts can become a “Certified Cryptocurrency Specialist” (CCS) by passing the 100 question certification final exam. All Nexxus University courses are currently available in English and Spanish with plans for future support of many additional languages.

Nexxus University currently has 2,222 registered students taking advantage of the very affordable and life-changing education. Students can purchase the courses from $5 to $15 for 12 month access for themselves and their entire family. Learn more at www.NexxusUniversity.com.

Nexxus Rewards gives shoppers a good reason to purchase with cryptocurrency to get a better deal from merchants. Shoppers receive free cash-back rewards in the form of Nexxus Reward points that they can collect and redeem as cash at any merchant. Merchants receive risk-free marketing value for offering the cash-back rewards with a mobile marketing system to send promotions to the cell phones of local shoppers, and with loyalty programs to keep them coming back again and again. Nexxus Rewards is designed as a local community solution for small to medium sized businesses. Learn more at www.NexxusRewards.com.

Nexxus Barter allows consumers to buy and sell with each other in cryptocurrency. Anyone can join for free and list free barter ads to sell the stuff they no longer need. Nexxus Barter is considered the craigslist/eBay of cryptocurrency. In addition to unlimited free barter ad listings, sellers can optionally feature their ads and run advertising campaigns on the Nexxus Barter search page. Nexxus Barter is designed as a local bartering system for in-person transactions.

Income Opportunity

Create a residual income stream from any level of involvement

from Personal Income to a full-blown Certified Cryptocurrency Specialist.